Monday, November 26, 2012

God's creation - fins

Hektorin lampfish wikimedia

1. Pectoral fins - pair
2. Pelvic fins
3. Dorsal fin
4. Adipose fin
5. Anal fin
6. Caudal fin

For many people it is so obvious that fish has fins and bones. Of course a fish has fins.

Me no more... after studying just a little Devonian fish I have realized that fins are among the great works of creation with enormous significance to all life upon earth.

Many fish use them to swim, some fly over a ship, some climb to trees in swampy areas. Evolutionary biology suggests that all land animals legs and hands have their origins in fishy fins.

The fin is usually made of bones covered by skin, sometimes cartilage. Amazing design allows some fish to fold their dorsal fin or use it for defence or even to crawl into the safety of a hole in coral reef.

We also use the word fin for the limbs of sharks, whales, dolphins and seals because they look the same. Well, a diver uses flippers like ducks rather than fins like barracudas.

wikipedia provides many interesting facts about fins.

Pike is a fish and has fins
Ville Immonen from Lappeenranta Sport fishers is a Finn

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